Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Please Help Fund My Project!!

Vermont Studio Center, Proposal on Kickstarter!!

I have just been awarded an Artist Residency at The Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont for one month this coming July, 2012. The Vermont Studio Center is the largest international artists' and writers' Residency Program in the United States, hosting 50 visual artists and writers each month from across the country and around the world. This amazing opportunity at the VSC will be a lasting experience for me because they offer the time to live and create with the sole responsibility of focus, research, and the production of new works.

The Vermont Studio Center, which initially costs $4000.00, has awarded me partial funding for my project through their Artist’s Grant in the amount of $800.00 and a work exchange program for $600.00. There is a remaining amount of $3000.00, which for me is very difficult to come up with at this time.

With your help I plan to concentrate on the creation of a new body of work for an exhibition in Athens, Georgia and possibly in Southern Florida. This new body of work will be comprised of a group of paintings dealing with our currant relationship to our fragile natural environment. With your support this opportunity at the Vermont Studio Center will offer me the physical and mental space to concentrate on developing this new work—allowing for freedom of creativity, space of reflection, and experimentation into new ways of working with this subject matter. All of which would be impossible without this rare opportunity.

If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, this is a terrific organization however it is an all-or-nothing style of fundraising. If I do not raise at least $1000, my project will be pulled and your account will not be charged. Once the $1000 is raised, the project will be successful. My ultimate goal is raise $3000 to cover the remaining costs and perhaps some supplies.

Every level of donation comes with a different reward!! There are many rewards such as: original hand-pulled, signed and editioned prints, small watercolors, and small to medium oil paintings; as a thank you for your support. They are listed here at a sizable discount from their original retail price. You may also donate without choosing to receive anything in return (this option appears once you select a reward level).

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