Saturday, May 24, 2008

Robert Sparrow Jones: New Paintings @ Salt

May 1 - June 30 2008

Rob Sparrow Jones @ Flux Studios:The MENZ SHOW

I keep thinking that after I run out of all my Polaroid film that I'll start painting again.  I was really "into it" during the very early 90's.  When I moved from SF to NYC, I gave my paints and easel away.  Since then I've dabbled a little, but never to the point of having a working set of supplies.  Now after having visited the studio of painter Rob Sparrow Jones, I get to thinking about it again and feel that maybe it wouldn't be so bad once my Polaroid film stash was completely depleted.  I'm actually looking forward to expressing myself creatively through other mediums.  It's like I've been eating hardboiled eggs my whole life and now I am almost ready to make the plunge right into a three minute egg.

Rob's work is like fragmented bits of memory...was it a dream or something I'm trying to block from my mind?  Haunting, slightly disturbing and hopeful all at the same time.  I love it.  He is one of the artists featured in The Menz Show at Flux Studios in Baltimore on April 19th.

Kind words from Artist Mondo Defekto

More of his work can be viewed at: